Architecture design, interior design and furniture design

Svjetlana Petric , Croatia, Italy, China

Architecture, Interiors, Furniture Design

Svjet, as her friends call her, was graduated from the Department of Architecture, University of Zagreb, Croatia during a time that was inspired by the revered work of Modern Architectures notables like Corbusier,  Mies van der Rohe and Frank Loyld Wright. Their stylistic trends promoted comprehensive thinking that instilled a holistic approach to her definition of space with all aspects integrated through the evolution of form following function. As she was influenced by the greats to speak with one voice, Svjet mobilized her fluidity, deliberate visions and creative conceptualizations to articulate, frame and impart visual literacy satisfying her clients’ sensitivity and desire for competent design.

Living and working in Zagreb-Croatia, Milan-Italy and Shanghai-China over the past twenty years, she refined her skillfulness on high profile projects in the prominent Italian architecture and  interior design firms for such Italian luminaries as Studio Vudapartners, Studio Cibic, Studio Battisti, Studio Arco, and Studio FGS. In addition to accepting commissions from celebrated clients who engaged her for her creative expression and deftness of hand; she gained experience in working for high end fashion houses streamlining retail interiors for Givenchy, Pucci, and Kenzo…

International environments stimulate Svjet to find her cadence and voice distinguishing her professional design practice. In Shanghai, China as Creative Director and Managing Partner of Dedo Design; a Hong Kong based design studio serving multinational and private accounts she cultivated knowledgeable clients who understand good design. From clean contemporary Italian design to the richness of Asian texture and elegant simplicity, charm and complexity is quietly visible in her work inspired by the depth of her cross cultural appreciation.

Her diversified portfolio reflect original concept for Retail Space, Executive Offices, High End Residential, Bars and Restaurant projects that reveal her design spirit and integrity. Svjet’s durable career made her stretch to elevate her talent. She employed special features and custom made furniture designs suitable for very particular clients’ adding exceptional value to their space and smiles to their face because she was able to interpret their dreams and cast them in reality.

With a strong architectural background she provides expert design consultancy for boutique or large scale projects, public buildings, commercial complexes, residential and office condos, exclusive villas or an innocent lake houses...

Her capacity to combine concept, esthetics and function in every project with management skills ensure that her projects not only meet clients’ expectations but also attract a global audience of savvy people. Svjet welcomes your inquiry.

Alan Fletcher